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    One of those rides where it’s raining, geese are throwing themselves at you, old boys in Lycra weaving in front of you and motorists are hating on you purely because two wheels is evidently bad! Oh well, it was a rapha day, and because it was raining I got I wear a cap! There’s nothing like a cap :)

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    #tbt 2012 Het Meer CX. The beach ate a lot of people that day, happily I made it through most times… Unlike the lady behind me.

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  4. cadenced:

    Kévin Reza celebrates at the end of the Tour de France in a Jered Gruber photograph.

    This dude did yeoman’s work for his team and was up there in the sprints….much respect!

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    Collect Magic Moments not Things! Get Inspired and Enjoy the Journey & follow: 

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    Eddie, Tom, Jacques, Brian, Fausto, Barry & more from James Straffon’s Legends Stencil series here: http://www.redhouseoriginals.com/artists/james-straffon

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    Raymond Poulidor in Albi after his crash in the 1968 Tour de France.

    From “Eternal Second The Raymond Poulidor Story”
    by David Armstrong (Kennedy Brothers Publishing Ltd. 1970)

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    Vincenzo Nibali (via Bike From The Bunch)

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    By @tytanium: July 25, 2014 at 07:35PM http://ift.tt/1mOxj0X

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